Mountain Lion/Cougar hunting is one of the most exciting, adrenaline-packed hunts we offer! These hunts take place on almost a million acres around our lodge in New Mexico. There are a couple of different ways we hunt these elk and deer killers. If there is fresh snow, we use 4/4 vehicles to cut roads and remote trails for cat tracks. When a track we want to go after is found, we let our team of excellent hounds track up the lion. This can be very physical, but we utilize all the latest technology to make the hunt more achievable. It's very important to contact us early to reserve dates as they tend to fill quickly! The other style of lion hunting is mule back on dry ground. This is a great way to see remote and rarely traveled backcountry! It is extremely rewarding to harvest a lion the way our ancestors did: "the real way". Either way, you chose to hunt your guaranteed to have memories you will never forget! Our hounds are our own breed, and we train them all ourselves. They are a part of the Gastineau Outfitters Family!